Commission finished

16 February 2018
A little bit different this time. And a bit stylized this time, also rather a rough one, as requested by the client.
Now I still got stuff to do for the Game Of Wits project that I made a storyboard for. And something else in sight that I am excited about.
This year goes nicely so far.

Second character design

09 February 2018

Another character for my personal project. And only the secon one I have finished so far. Started the third one, but I see no other way than starting over with it, I think I got stuck and then due to my other work like the commissions, had a too long break from it so that I am kind of lost suddenly. I think the pose could have been better anyway. But with Yngvi (this one) I am satisfied

Portrait commission (another one)

07 February 2018
This one was finished faster than I expected. Or at least right now I think that it is finished. So I did not draw a lady for once, that doesn't happen very often I admit. If anyone is interested in commissioning me, hit me a message or an E-Mail. I do portraits, characters and spaceships!

Hilda character design

05 February 2018
The main character of my personal project. This project progresses slowly since I have other work to do, but I am looking forward to the day that I get something more together than just concept art for it. As mus as I enjoy doing them, there is also a story I want to tell...

Storyboard part 2

02 February 2018
This is the cleaned up version I did for Shireen, I am looking forward to continue with this and to see what will become of it. There is still much work ahead of me and also the commissions on the side. Commissions are still open by the way, if you got something in mind that is not all too urgent (since I still have some ongoing), please check out my price list with examples and everything else you may want to know here.

Digital Painting Process (Doctor Poison)

28 January 2018

Watch the timelapse video below!
Had some fun painting this portrait of Elena Anaya as Dr. Poison from the Wonder Woman movie. I did it like a day after watching it, I really liked her as a character. She is my favorite in Wonder Woman now.

Portrait commission

25 January 2018
I'm having a couple of things to work on at the moment, but the chaos is lightening up. By getting some of the work out of the way. So I finished this portrait commission yesterday and this time I did not forget to take some progress shots as well!

Storyboard sketches

17 January 2018

Currently I am working on several projects, one of them being a story board. This is the most exciting one out of the projects for me personally and I am having a lot of fun with it so far. For some reason I felt like I could express myself better with traditional drawing this time, at least in this early phase.
The next thing I am going to do is drawing a clean and improved version of the storyboard, there will be a few changes. That one will be digital, it's going to be what I send the client and I want it to be more organized and clear that this first attempt, wich is pretty much only for me. Except that I post it online.

My art of 2017 (most of it)

10 January 2018


09 January 2018

A character 3D model I am currently working on for a one-time job/commission. I am working from photo references but have never seen the person I am re-creating in ZBrush in person. He is going to sit in a little jeep later, that is not my job to model, it already exists. My biggest difficulty was, that even though I have photos in various positions and angles, there are no totally "neutral" views and that the person in question is wearing glasses on the photos that are kind of blocking my view around the eyesockets and brows. So I did these drawings in addition that were supposed to help me understand this head better. By now I think it's pretty close to the original as far as I can judge. Waiting for feedback from the client.