I'm back!

General / 24 May 2018

Hey there!
So I am back from my vacation in the Netherlands. I had a really good time and also continued doing my daily vlog, if you understand German or if you just want to see the beauty of the Netherlands, you can check it out here.

Above: Very happy me

When I came back I couldn't get myself to start working again for the first two days. I only doodled a bit into my journal. If anyone cares to see...

But today (Thursday) I picked up the work again. One of the character designs that is. Currently I am working on the JAGS (tabletop RPG) Gunslinger character design. I think I am going to keep that for my next blog post.

Game of wits illustration (another)

General / 13 April 2018

Another panel from my storyboard that I painted in Photoshop. Finished. I guess that makes it an illustration now. There is still a lot of work on this ahead of me but I am totally looking forward to have it finished and see the final results in the end product - a music video.

RPG character sketch

General / 08 April 2018

The next one in the row of the pen and paper role playing game characters is this guy here. It is a battle monk from the future. The color scheme is aleady decided, but if you had the choice: Wich color version do you like the best? Or would you rather give him completely different colors?

My newest character design

General / 30 March 2018

Already working on the next, wich is going to be a futuristic battle monk, so stay tuned. This is a sword saint.  I wanted to add something extra, but looks like I've oversaved all the process and sketch part. Oops... Visit my portfolio too, ok?

Uploaded new artwork

General / 22 March 2018

Check out my portfolio for higher res and some info and stuff. He is one of the characters for the JAGS roleplaying game, wich is a pen and paper rpg system. More to come…

Character Design Sketches

General / 14 March 2018
These character designs are for a pen and paper rpg called JAGS. It's sci-fi so I am much in my comfort zone.
Currently I enjoy bringing some life into my YouTube channel, I try with a little bit of vlogging as I figured it's fun to do, if kept simple enough to edit. There are timelapses too but only few tutorials to come, that will not be my main focus. Anyway I did a recording of how I made the color schemes for this character (see below) and when the time comes I am going to cut and upload it as well.
For anybody interested, my channel is here.

Game of wits illustration

General / 08 March 2018

Illustration of the first panel from my storyboard.
I am working on character designs for another project while my personal project is still on the line.
Besides I try to be more consistent with video uploads on my YouTube channel again. I found fun in doing some more vlog-ish video recordings, so I am confident that this will keep me motivated now.

Commission finished

General / 16 February 2018
A little bit different this time. And a bit stylized this time, also rather a rough one, as requested by the client.
Now I still got stuff to do for the Game Of Wits project that I made a storyboard for. And something else in sight that I am excited about.
This year goes nicely so far.

Second character design

General / 09 February 2018

Another character for my personal project. And only the secon one I have finished so far. Started the third one, but I see no other way than starting over with it, I think I got stuck and then due to my other work like the commissions, had a too long break from it so that I am kind of lost suddenly. I think the pose could have been better anyway. But with Yngvi (this one) I am satisfied

Portrait commission (another one)

General / 07 February 2018
This one was finished faster than I expected. Or at least right now I think that it is finished. So I did not draw a lady for once, that doesn't happen very often I admit. If anyone is interested in commissioning me, hit me a message or an E-Mail. I do portraits, characters and spaceships!