Working on personal project

Making Of / 09 June 2018

Ah, it's been a while since my last post. But well I don't post that often anyways. Besides my current client work(s), one especially, I am focussing on my personal project. It's called "Skýmir" and is a Sci-Fi story consisting of severeal short stories or episodes. Now I have 4 short stories that I wrote this week and a longer one that rather follows the main story line, whilst the others can also be read seperately. Of course I do the designs and other drawings for it, even though it's no comic this time, but a written story. And only for that I started blogging in German again. So I am actually having two blogs. In case anyone wants to check it out, this is my German Blog.

Below - after the video - you can see see 2 of my main characters and a still life that I did for the most recent short story of Skýmir and lastly a cover I did.